DEACON RESPONSIBILITIES  (per Constitution & By-Laws)

It shall be the duty of the deacons to assist the Senior Pastor and church staff in the work of the church. They shall be charged with (1) the spiritual advancement and interest of the church and the watch care of its members; (2) the preparation and distribution of the Lord's Supper and the preparation for the ordinance of baptism; (3) the care of the needy and widow(er)s. They are to seek the harmony of the entire body of the church. The deacons shall elect a chairman annually and a chairman shall not serve longer than two years in succession. Deacons shall be nominated by the church body and, upon recommendation of the deacons, be elected by the church body in a regularly scheduled business meeting. Eligibility for Deacon Emeritus is based upon guidelines established by the Deacon body.


2018 is Deacon nomination year!  Please click the link below for more information.